What Do Teachers Do For The Summer?

Okay, okay … teachers do get plenty of time off work, but what do you actually think teachers get up


Fatmatta Joins Tutor Connexions

As someone who was a high achiever throughout my school life I’m aware of what does and doesn’t work. I’m a firm believer of learning to understand your own learning style and using that knowledge to bring out the best in yourself. Before I dive in to tutoring you or your child I will first get to know you and how you think and tick. You’ll see results in no time.



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Which One Doesn’t Belong

Sometimes, you get reminded about things that are great for teaching. Last week was one of those times for me as I stumbled across the Which One Doesn’t Belong website (http://wodb.ca/)

It’s got a whole load of ‘odd one out’ questions which have been carefully thought through so that any of the four could be the odd one out. Like this:

I really like these as they allow for some creativity but also hit the keywords, like factor, square and prime, while allowing students an opportunity to demonstrate their literacy skills by whether they can articulate what they mean clearly.

Of course, this is easily adaptable for other subjects too so I shared it in a staff briefing.

See where I get this Example From here